Fundacion Fauna de la Amazonia



The Fundación Fauna de la Amazonía Team is based in Mera, in the Pastaza Province of Ecuador. Here we have recently purchased a plot of land bordering the Llanganates National Park where we are developing a wildlife conservation centre. This land is within the Llanganates Sangay Ecological Corridor, an area granted special recognition as a "Gift to the Earth" by the World Wildlife Fund for its mega diversity and importance to world ecology. We are working to develop a wildlife conservation centre on the land to implement research, wild animal release, community development and educational programmes, and increase established protected areas. Our objective is to protect and enhance the area working with members of the local community and other groups that work in the area and spread awareness about the importance of these ecosystems for the future of our communities worldwide. It is an amazingly beautiful area, with very much to investigate and discover.




- Over 18 years of age, unless accompanied by parents or a tutor.


- Minimum stay requirement of 2 weeks.


- Basic level of fitness, as you will be expected to carry heavy loads (supplies and equipment) and walk up and down the jungle surroundings.


- Valid vaccinations for yellow fever, Hepatitis A and B and typhoid.


Accommodation and Costs:


We are working on building a cabin for volunteers and staff. Currently we live in a small cabin and inside the unfinished clinic building - where we have mattresses and mosquito nets for sleeping and access to kitchen and toilet facilities.


We require a contribution of $50/week/person, which covers food and a small contribution towards maintenance of the project. Note that currently we are all volunteer workers, and that without this contribution we would not be able to organise these programmes. This fee does not include travel expenses to and from the project.






At the moment we are carrying out direct observation and research activities and planning a general analysis of the area to discover what lives here (animals and plants), and what support the area needs to enhance its protection. Activities include:


- Reforestation


- Photography


- Animal and plant observation & documentation


- General maintenance and small construction jobs


- Walking and discovering the area


If you are interested email us detailing your experience and reasons why you want to work with us.





RESEARCH WORK. Note: only apply for this post if you have previous experience, or other equally valuable understanding, in the area of research and field work.





At the same time we continue to guide volunteers towards other worthwhile conservation projects in the area. All of the opportunities recommended through Fundación Fauna de la Amazonía are "not-for-profit" and are solely focused on the appropriate support and care of the endangered animals, plants and environment of Ecuador.



We are currently working closely with the Merazonia Animal Rescue Centre, an excellent animal rescue centre based near the town of Mera, in the Pastaza province. For more information check out


Las Orquideas is an amazing botanical garden located in the Ecuadorian Amazon just outside the city of Puyo. The garden is a small forest reserve where for thirty years they have been restoring orchids and endangered plants of the Amazon and studying the restoration process in this sample plot of Amazonian forest. For more information check out